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Why Shutters from KABNOURY

Kabnoury has special sectors for the awning chassis, which are supported from the inside to withstand the force of weather conditions. The chassis is painted with electrostatic oven paints to resist weather conditions.
The chassis is painted with electrostatic paints.

Control lighting through opening and closing.
Weather protection.
With a remote control.
It has thermal insulation because it is injected with foam material from the inside.

Security Meets Beauty

with KABNOURY Shutters

Doors and windows are considered one of the most important elements of communication and access in any building. They link the in and out of the building and link the internal parts. Doors and windows vary in their styles, sizes and colors.
Kabnoury’s shutter is a sheet of aluminum imported from Italy injected with foam. Thus, it is heat-insulating and has small holes between each item for lighting. It provides full privacy.

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